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December 20, 2016

• Love Where you Land - My Life as a Marine Corps Wife in Okinawa

• Little Island Takara - Pros and Cons of Living in Okinawa

• Sea Change Okinawa - Australian, living in Okinawa

• American Naomi's Okinawa Blog

Tourist Information

December 20, 2016

Be.Okinawa - Okinawa Tourist Information

Okinawa tourism website from Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau.


Okinawa Travel Guide - Japan Guide

Okinawa (Okinawa-ken) is Japan's southernmost prefecture, consisting of a few dozen, small islands in the southern half of the Nansei Shoto, the island chain which stretches over about one thousand kilometers from Kyushu to Taiwan.


Twenty reasons to visit Okinawa

From cherry blossoms to drum dances and eco tourism, there is much to see and do on the many islands of Okinawa.


Tourist information for Okinawa,Japan

Okinawa information on travel, watersports, beaches, tours, rental car, shops, restaurants, cultural events and more!


50 Things to Do in Okinawa

Okinawa, one of the most popular beach resorts in the whole of Japan. Its emerald blue seas and white sand beaches attract people from all over the country. Once the Ryukyu Kingdom, Okinawa has a unique culture and history that differs from the mainland. Here in this article we are going to introduce 50 great things to do in Okinawa.



Everything Okinawa Japan. Okinawa Beaches, Okinawan Festivals and Culture. Sightseeing, Blogs, News and Forums we got it all!


Japan National Tourism Organization | Okinawa

Okinawa Prefecture is made up of the Ryukyu Islands, which at their southern extremity begin at Nansei Island, and lie between Kyushu, the most southwesterly of Japan's four main islands, and Taiwan.


OKINAWA: A Journey of Discovery

Embark on a journey of discovery and excitement to Okinawa, one of the world's best-kept travel secrets.


Okinawa Labo

"Okinawa Labo" is a media website which provides detailed information in order for you to enjoy Okinawa as much as you want.


Places to visit

November 15, 2016

Restaurants in Okinawa

November 14, 2016

About Okinawan People

November 14, 2016

Bank in Okinawa

November 14, 2016

The Bank of Okinawa

The Bank's main base of operations is Okinawa Prefecture, an island prefecture blessed with an unspoiled natural environment, at the far southwestern end of the Japanese archipelago.


Bank of Ryukyu

Bank of the Ryukyus, Ltd. was established in 1948 under an ordinance of the U.S. military for the purpose of restoring financial order and stabilizing the currency in order to facilitate the sound development of the Okinawan economy.



The brand vision 'Beyond the Bank' is based on our managenent philosophy : It expresses our firm intention for growth toward the future, that goes beyond the conventional concept of "the bank".

Japanese Government Site

November 14, 2016

Okinawan Government Site

November 14, 2016

Okinawa Associations

November 13, 2016

News in Okinawa

November 13, 2016

Ryukyu Shimpo

The first newspaper in Okinawa.


Okinawa - The Japan Times

Japan’s only English-language tabloid Sunday newspaper features everything you need to know about your world around you.


Japan Update

Japan Update introducing Okinawan local news.

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